January 2nd, 2010

Wentworth <3

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Whoa, what? Molly actually updating her Livejournal? For the first time in four months? What a surprise!

Well, yes. Four months. In those four months, I completed my first semester of college (in London!) and came home to perpetually unchanging and perpetually boring Connecticut. Fabulous. And now I feel like I have no life and am practically having a mental breakdown, so even more fabulous! I have been periodically checking the friends page when I could find time, though there wasnt too much of that. Now, however, with just under a month off before I go to real!college, I'll be creeping and stalking and reading up on your lives.

Annndd that is it, I guess. Nothing really interesting. I am applying to colleges in the UK and Ireland, though, so I might whine about that! And applying to some unis here as well. So. Lots of college whining. And starting to write a book! So yay.

gahhh my life is so dull.
So dull that I stole the 2009 survey from Mad and Allie.

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