simply2smashing (simply2smashing) wrote,

Assesment after first day of college: My life sucks.

I hate it here so much. I know its only the first day and blah blah blah, but you're supposed to have a feeling. A good feeling. I never had that here, but I never felt miserable. Now, I'm miserable.

Im trying really hard not to cry and all, because I already miss my house and my insane family and my animals. I almost dont want to see them again before I go away, but oh well. Im thinking I made a mistake coming here. Im excited for London, yeah, but I dont know what Im going to do second semester.

I also took my first college shower.


Ive already started to scope out the gay boys, because, you know, this is me. I butt-danced with one today and he was nice, but eh. So far no gbs in my year, but they're all reaaalllyy ht sporty straight soccer guys.

I dont know how to handle hot straight boys. I don't. Gay boys, yes, I've got that, but the straight ones? I'm going do die alone.

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